Production Process

Sampling & Modelling

In the sampling process, which is the first and most important step of the production; our ModelMakers do the molding according to sizes that you demand. Next step is to choose proper fabrics and materials for the product. During the printing and embroidery processes, we prepare the samples meticulously. After the approval of the client, We transfer them for mass production.


During the mass production of the approved samples, first step is to supply the fabric and get it ready for the cutting. Then, the fabrics are sent for the printing and embroidery processes according to customer requests. We serve our customers using different printing and embroidery techniques.

Also, paints that we use in printing process are in accordance with international standarts and they don't contain any kind of carcinogenic chemicals. With our expert and experienced staff, we complete the sewing process by first class handcraft in demanded time.


We produce %100 customized products using special fabric colors and kinds according to customer requests. Besides, we also provide fully customizable accessories like: tags, prints, designs, packings, zippers etc.

Quality Control (QC)

After the manufacture, we do a pre-quality control and send them to ironing stage. After the ironing, we do a detailed quality control process. Finally, the products get packed for delivery if they were able to pass the QC.